Halloween Season: Costumes, Trick or Treat, Downloads, DIY Masks

Sunday, October 11, 2009 |

Rumors of spiked candy have been circulating for decades but were you aware of this fact? There has not ever been a documented case of poisoned halloween candy? There have been murders involving children eating poisoned candy but the sad part of this story was that they often turned out to be accidental poisonings appearing to be laced candy at first but revealed to be something else in autopsy or worse, parents killing their own children. To qualify as a halloween candy poisoning case, a single source of candy must be randomly handing out laced treats but this never happens. Evidence floating around suggests that fundamentalist Christian churches have been spreading this rumor since the 50’s as a fear-mongering tactic to build opposition for a holiday which they believe to be satanic.

Now, on the other hand, pins, needles and razor blades have been found in trick or treat goodies. Dating back to the 60’s, reports have surfaced, though seldom, that foreign objects have been found in kids candy and apples (back when people actually gave those out). Oddly, 1982 turned up a rash of tampered candy.