Philippines: After Typhoon Ketsana (Bagyo Ondoy) Comes Super Typhoon Parma

Thursday, October 1, 2009 |

Super Typhoon Parma to Strike the Philippines After Ketsana

Philippines has not recovered yet from the almost mortal blow from Typhoon Ketsana, now comes another menace in the form of Super Typhoon Parma! According to warnings sent by meteorologists, Super typhoon Parma is forcast to be in fulkl blast in the Western Pacific and expected to strike the Philippines at Saturday around 00:00 GMT. Parma has been given the typhoon status from being a super storm last thursday when it started moving to the islands and blowing winds at about 150 mph (about 240 kph) but is expected to blow at around 163 mph (about 260 kph). More damage and deaths may occur during Parma's strike in the Philippines considering the state of the nation after the deluge of Typhoon Ketsana last weekend which still has most of Metro Manila under water. Though we hope and pray to God that Super Typhoon Parma would change direction and dissipate somewhere in the Pacific Ocean clearing, let us now do all that we can to prepare for the coming deluge.